JayKing is a cutting edge expert in the entertainment & music business, he is known for creating a new chapter in the independent music business with the manufacturing, distribution, marketing & promoting effort he and his team put behind the multi million selling Billboard R&B charts #1 & Billboard Pop charts top 10 smash hit “Rumors” by the Timex Social Club, which launched King, His Indi Label (Jay Records) and TSC directly into the Music Business spotlight.

From there King negotiated a multi year multi million dollar label deal with Warner Brother records and has had multiple hit records with Club Nouveau (as a member, writer, producer, record label) and many other artists in multiple roles, artist such as Michael Cooper, Chante Moore, Vanilla Ice, Gary Taylor, Brian Morgan, Bootsy Collins, Lenny Williams, Rodney O & Joe Cooley, Domino, 69 Boyz among others.

King has always pushed the envelope, challenged the music business status quo and has been an advocate for artist ownership (master recordings, master reversions after recoupment) and has watched, followed and participated in the new music business from every angle. Today King has a few Internet radio shows “Kings in the Morning” (mon-fri 8-10am pst), “The Music Business… THE WAY I SEE IT” (mon & wed 7-9pm pst) & “Politics & Life THE WAY I SEE IT ” (sun 2-4pm pst) that all air on his Jay King Network www.thejaykingnetwork.com and you can also hear his shows by phone, just dial 347-205-9366.

King also manages Karyn White (super woman), Larry Dunn (original member, keyboardist, songwriter, producer earth wind & fire), Darius McCrary (family matters) and Club Nouveau (lean on me) and he continues to write, produce and perform with Club Nouveau as well as his own solo career (first Album available at iTunes “Jay King – Open Book”).

King is now writing a series of books titled “Passport to the Music Business” where he breaks down all aspects of the music business in simple, easy to understand laymans terms. King stated “I want anybody to read my book and get a general understanding of the subject matter I’m discussing” so he or she is reading each book based on subject i.e record deals, publishing, marketing etc. His first book is “Passport to the Music Business…… Everything Distribution” it will be available fall 2012- spring 2013.

“I Love the Music Business and I Love exploring what the future and technology has in store for all who participate in this business, I believe it’s going to be greater and more fruitful for those with open and fertile minds”. – Jay King

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